Dance Music Projects

DJ & Producer

Since 2022, alongside my career and calling as a professional violinist, I have embarked on a journey as a DJ. What began as a fun experiment quickly evolved into a serious endeavor that I wanted to approach with more structure and dedication. Over time, I have DJed as DarthTrax at weddings and parties, quickly adapting to the DJ booth. My lifelong passion for trance music, a subgenre of techno, naturally led to many ideas on how to blend my two musical worlds: classical and electronic.


In addition to DJing, I started producing my own tracks in the house, trance, and techno genres. My goal is to integrate elements and structures from classical music into electronic dance music (EDM). One of my unique concepts is to DJ electronic music during the aperitif after a classical concert, making the concert's themes danceable. This approach allows guests to unwind and enjoy the evening with friends in a lively atmosphere.


Looking ahead, I aim to create new music live, using my electric violin and synthesizers, that connects with the themes of the preceding classical concert. Importantly, while I pursue all these creative goals, I am also available as a DJ for all types of events—weddings, events, clubs or parties—with any genre of music desired. Reach out to connect with me!